Various links relating the to female fighting of a more adult nature. You must be of legal age in your own country to view these sites.

American Catfighting High quality femme fight arena, featuring mpegs, photos and a live video stream that features different fighters on a weekly basis. Reasonably priced at about 25p per day (29cents); has had excellent reviews, and makes the top of this particular list.
Girl Knights A fantastic website, featuring armour clad, sword weilding female knights and their erotic encounters. This excellent website would be worth paying for the images alone, but also offers video downloads, games, and much more. Highly recommended, this one, especially for fans of the Gladiatrix genre
Warrior Women A "babes with blades" site, with a sharp adult edge.
Diana Knight A fantasy actress/model, Diana's site features many images of her in various fantasy attaire from Amazon Warrior to Comic Book Heroine.
Land of Venus Amazon women site, featuring live nude video chat with Venus herself and with about 100 other amateur girls, all from their homes, it also features Venus' exclusive pictures and video clips. She also offers members "canned content." Venus will appeal to Amazon fans everywhere; the preivew offers some excellent photographs, and should entice many fans to join up.
Asian Girl Fights Huge, high quality femme fight sight, featuring Oriental fighters. Certainly a genre site, but if Asian warrior women are your thing, then this is the site for you.
Sexyfighters The banner promises "violence, profanity and nudity!" Sexyfighters does deliever what it claims, however, with all the features you'd expect from a site of this type (video's, images etc). Sexyfighters, it seems, has spared no expense in recruiting Playboy, Penthouse and other top models for their features. The preview of the site is excellent, offering high quality animated graphics of the models.
Total Catfights Total Catfights offers a more "realistic" take on the femme fight scene than others that are wrestling or "pit" based. The site offers videos, images and streams, but the action is more focused on "real life" situations, such as a bust gone wrong, drunken brawling and so forth. The preview videos are high quality and lengthy, well worth a visit just to see these.
Jenz Pinups An extremely classy site, Jenz Pinups is run by Jenz herself, and she controls all aspects of the site content. The preview section is unique in that it offers a lenghty interview with Jenz (with photo's of course). This site is not hardcore in any way, presenting more the fantasy side of the femme fight.
Universal Catfight An exceptional site offering video and images, updated frequently. There is also real, full contact fighting in this particular arena. Universal Catfight offers hardcore stuff, but managed to stay extremely reasonably priced, offering both monthly and quarterly payment options.
Ebony Erotic Wrestling As you might imagine, Ebony Erotic Wrestling features ladies of afro-carribean origin. The site offers a huge array of images and downloadable videos, emphasising combat between different racial types (black on white, black on asian etc).
Nude Wrestling League Offering hundreds of images and videos to download, Nude Wrestling League features both female/female and female/male combats. As the name suggests, the empasis is on "league" (well, and nude, of course), and the previews promte following your favourite fighter in the championship race. Pretty good fun, with hardcore images and downlodable video.
Co-Ed Wrestling As featured on CNN and Fox, Co-Ed Wrestling is, apparently, a huge hit with soldiers serving in Iraq. The site itself has an interesting history; formed seven years ago, the "Co-Ed" part was so named as college students would send in images of themselves nude wrestling to generate much needed cash to get them through schooling. So, a site that appeals to soldiers and students alike must be worth taking a look at - an oldie but a goodie, as they say.
Mud Wrestling This is a fetish site that caters for those who like their combat..messy. It's reviewed here.
Jello Wrestling A similar fetish site to, this time with a more sticky theme
Dunsuls A site with artwork, animations and stories concerning the females "ad mortus". This site requires a password for entry, though obtaining one is free. Again, the content is adult, so interested parties would do well to read the disclaimer before applying for the password. All that said, the artwork and stories are of excellent quality, especially if one enjoys fantasy pics of vanquished and dying female warriors.